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Image of baby feet who was born through IVF
May 25, 2023
Generation Prime launches to make fertility services more accessible in Asia

Generation Prime, a startup that wants to make IVF and other fertility services more accessible to patients in Asia, is launching its first two clinics in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. The company also announced seed funding led by Recharge Capital, which incubated it, with participation from Thiel Capital, Shamrock Holdings, the Disney family’s investment vehicle and Blue Lion Global.

Generation Prime describes itself as the first “full-stack, closed-loop IVF health services clinic” in Southeast Asia, which means that IVF services will be provided through digital and physical channels, starting with initial consultations and including egg and sperm freezing, diagnosis, testing, IVF and surrogacy. The clinics expect to serve both patients who live locally, as well as those traveling from other countries, like China, for fertility services.

Over the next three years, Generation Prime plans to open a total of 15 clinics in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Lorin Gu, a founding partner at Recharge Capital, said the firm incubated Generation Prime because people in Asia want options and flexibility for family planning, but often do not have access to fertility services in the countries where they live.

“Across Asia and Southeast Asia, the different legal structures have created a highly fragmented industry,” he said. He added that studies show by 2045, close to half of couples are expected to use IVF to start their families. “Despite these markers, female health conditions totaled just 1% of pharmaceutical research funding in 2020.”

Generation Prime expects about 70% of its clients to be medical tourists from China, and 30% to be local patients. “This is not because local patients are not actively using IVF services, but mainly because of the sheer population of China and the unmet demands that exist in the country,” said Gu. “In addition, China does not allow many of the IVF procedures that are currently desired by patients seeking more robust family planning services, and as a result, a large number of patients have been pushed into the Southeast Asian market.”

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Image of GenerationPrime & Vinmec team during collaboration meeting
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June 30, 2023
A Heartwarming Testimonial from Melissa: Embracing the Journey with GenerationPrime

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June 1, 2023
Generation Prime and Cryos International Collaborate to Enhance Fertility Services in Malaysia

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Image of baby feet who was born through IVF
May 25, 2023
Generation Prime launches to make fertility services more accessible in Asia

Generation Prime, a startup that wants to make IVF and other fertility services more accessible to patients in Asia, launched their first two clinics in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.

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Image of Medical instrument exhibition in bangkok where genertaion prime team giving demo of their disposable electronic hysteroscopy
April 7, 2023
Hands-On Demo of Disposable Electronic Hysteroscopy by Generation Prime Receives Rave Reviews at Medical Instrument Exhibition in Bangkok

The Disposable Electronic Hysteroscopy showcased by Generation Prime during the Medical Instrument Exhibition in Bangkok proved to be a resounding success. The event brought together key players in the healthcare industry, providing attendees with an exceptional opportunity to explore the latest products and technologies.

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February 17, 2023
Generation Prime Attends Inspiring Mira Sharing Session & Introduction at Metro IVF Center

Generation Prime had the incredible opportunity to participate in the Mira Sharing Session & Introduction at Metro IVF Center. The event offered valuable insights into the dedicated work of their professionals and the life-transforming fertility treatments they provide.

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Image from Mira Training in Jakarta hosted by Generation Prime
February 16, 2023
Generation Prime Hosts Exclusive Mira Training in Jakarta, Indonesia, with Top IVF KOLs

Generation Prime, a leading name in fertility services, had the honor of hosting an exclusive Mira training event in Jakarta. The training featured prominent IVF Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) from the region, offering guests a unique opportunity to gain specialized instruction and hands-on experience with the latest IVF technology.

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