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With more 1,000 available donors, Cryos offers an extensive selection of donors of different ethnicities and physical traits.

With Cryos, you get free access to the world’s largest selection of egg and sperm donors, allowing you to choose the perfect donor match for your family. Whether you prefer an Asian sperm donor or a donor with blue eyes, Cryos offers adiverse range of options. Additionally, the donor selection process is made easy through the use of filters that allow you to narrow down your search based on specific preferences

Making Informed Choices Convenient and Accessible

Cryos provides extensive information about each egg and sperm donor in their Donor Profiles. While the Basic Donor Profiles provide limited information for those who prefer this, the Extended Donor Profiles feature a handwritten letter, audio recording, photos, and much more. The donor profiles help individuals and couples make informed decisions about their choice of donor and provide aglimpse into the donor's life and personality.

Cryos makes the ordering process easy, with online ordering available at any time. Users can choose when and where they want their donor sperm delivered, making the process convenient and accessible. Cryos offers fast and flexible delivery tomore than 100 countries worldwide.

Inaddition, Cryos offers personal and professional counseling in more than 14 different languages to assist individuals and couples in choosing a sperm donor, selecting a treatment location, and ordering donor sperm. Their dedicated Customer Care Team is always available to answer any questions and provide support throughout the entire process.

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Cryos is a keyplayer in the field of fertility treatment, offering individuals and couples access to a wide selection of sperm donors, extensive information about each donor, and personalized support throughout the process. Through Cryos, individuals and couples can achieve their dream of starting a family and expand their possibilities for building the family they have always wanted.

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Getting the best for your IVF journey

GenerationPrime collaborates with Cryos, the world's largest sperm and egg bank, to offera comprehensive and innovative fertility solution. This collaboration combines the cutting-edge technology of GenerationPrime with the extensive experience of Cryos, providing individuals and couples access to fertility treatment high-quality donor sperm and eggs.

GenerationPrime's easy-to-use platform enables users to schedule appointments, reviewmedical records, and communicate with their healthcare providers, includingCryos' experienced sperm & egg bank service specialists. This comprehensive solution makes it simple for individuals and couplesto navigate the complexities of fertility treatment, making the process moreaccessible and convenient.

Together, GenerationPrime and Cryos are committed to providing innovative and comprehensive healthcare solutions. Through this partnership, we are able to offer a wide range of fertility services, giving individuals and couples access tohigh-quality care and support for their reproductive health and family planning goals. 

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