Fertility Preservation

Learn how fertility preservation can help modern men and women take a "time-out" from pregnancy plans to address life events and choices while safeguarding their fertility goals. Discover how egg freezing provides a lifestyle choice for women, expands options for singles and future parents, and offers a solution for those facing low egg reserve or health challenges.

First method

Egg Freezing

Your eggs are grown and collected similarly to how a standard IVF cycle is done, except your eggs are kept in cryopreservation state until the need for fertilisation arises, followed by eventual embryo transfer. There can be several reasons for you to choose to have this done.

A lifestyle choice for today’s modern woman

Increasing numbers of well-informed women today recognise their innate need to have babies (someday in the future), while wanting to make that climb up the career ladder. Egg freezing gives you this option to go on with your life’s pursues while halting your biological clock.

If you are a single women who have yet to find your life partner, or intend to use a sperm donor when you are ready, freezing your eggs allows you wider choices without the pressure of time.

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Early onset of dwindling egg reserve

If you are faced with a natural but premature onset of low egg reserve, freezing your eggs is the way to go if you want to be pregnant in the unforeseeable future. Eggs kept in cryopreservation state retain their quality and are unaffected by time. Therefore, it is important that by understanding our fertility state early in life allows us more fertility choices in the future. Women in their 20’s should be encouraged to have their ovarian reserve measured through a simple Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) blood test.

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Health conditions or faced with cancer

Modern medicine has been able to increase the survival rate of patients battling life-threatening diseases and even cancer. However, some of these treatment may affect or even render the ovaries obsolete, jeopardising their future fertility. Egg freezing allows women to have their eggs frozen in order for them to carry on building their fertility goals after overcoming serious health conditions.

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Second method

Sperm Freezing

Generally, men can have the option of freezing their sperm sample when:

In abscence during
assisted conception treatment

If work or travel commitment gets in the way of your IVF/IUI treatment, having your sperm frozen for use when the time comes can be convenient.

Faced with medical conditions

Before commencing treatment for cancer or inevitable vasectomy, your sperm sample can be kept to father babies in the future.

Work or lifestyle options can be hazardous

If your work is dangerous and can potentially render you sterile, or if you have hobbies such as contact/extreme sports, keeping your sperm as an insurance for the future can be a good idea.

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Third method

Ovarian Tissue Freezing

A breakthrough in fertility preservation, you now have the option for your Ovarian Tissue to be harvested and kept in cryopreservation state if you are going to face treatment for cancer or disease, or physical trauma that will affect your ovaries.

Before treatment, the ovary layer which contain egg-producing tissues are removed, frozen and kept until your medical treatment has been completed and would like to carry on with your fertility goals.

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“I dreaded the daily self-injections the most and it was nerve-wrecking to have to poke myself in the belly… but after some support to make me see past that mental barrier and focus on my baby-making goals, I eased up during my injections and it no longer bothers me.”

Anika G. Chowdhury

“My gynae diagnosed me as having diminishing ovarian reserve in my late 20’s. I know that I will want kids someday, so after consulting a few fertility facilitators, I have a total of 27 eggs frozen in Malaysia. The cost and maintenance is affordable, thanks to the currency exchange… and their expertise is of international level.”

Gertrude Ann Schubert

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Save your eggs for later

Freezing your eggs now would mean that they retain the quality and quantity you have now, and use them in later years.

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Freeze your sperm

Save samples of your swimmers if your work or hobby can be physically hazardous; or if you have a medical decision to make that could potentially hamper you from fathering children.

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Keep tissues of your ovary

A modern option if you are facing a health hurdle now that could jeopardize your fertility in the long run.

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